Lecture Theater Committee

Lecture theater committee in the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, University of Ruhuna was established in year 2018 in accordance with the recommendation of the Dean with the aim of monitoring and utilization of lecture theaters for the academic purposes with the responsibility of assuring to the governing body. 

Composition of the Committee [2023]

• Ms GHC Nadeeshani – Chairperson
• Ms Hasara Nethmini – Temporary Demonstrator – Department of MLS
• Ms Anusha Madushani – Temporary Demonstrator – Department of Nursing
• Ms Terasha Nagahage – Temporary Demonstrator – Department of Pharmacy
• Ms AHN Rupika – Management Assistant – Department of MLS – Convener
• Ms MG Chameera – Management Assistant – Department of Nursing
• Mrs MD Chandani – Management Assistant – Department of Pharmacy
• Mr WAL Pabasara – Technical Officer- Department of MLS
• Mr SMDD Kumara -Technical Officer- Department of Nursing
• Mr WA Sameera – Technical Officer- Department of Pharmacy
• Mr B Sarath Silve – Work Aid – Department of MLS
• Mr KP Rathnakumara – Department of Nursing
• Mr DSL Senevirathna – Department of Pharmacy