Physical Education – AHS Sports

Students have opportunity to engage in physical education activities conducted by the Department of Physical Education, University of Ruhuna. There is a physical education instructor in the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences to get further assistance for students’ in physical education activities. Students can use all the sports facilities available in the FAHS, Faculty of Medicine/Engineering and University of Ruhuna.

In the FAHS, sports related matters are coordinated by following personnel.

Sports Advisory Board Members

1. Dr. Nirmala Rathnayake, Lecturer, Department of Nursing
2. Ms. Dinusha Amarasingha, Lecturer, Department of Nursing

Physical Training Instructor

1. Ms. Chamilka Shamali

Faculty Sports Captains

1. Mr. M.N.M. Nuzry
2. Ms. K. Narasingha

Facilities for sports

Currently Physical Education Department provides facilities for following indoor and outdoor sports. These are made available free of charge to all students.


Games at University of Ruhuna

Indoor sports

1. Basketball (men and women)
2. Badminton (men and women)
3. Table tennis (men and women)
4. Weight lifting (men and women)
5. Volleyball (men and women)
6. Chess (men and women)
7. Taekwondo (men and women)
8. Carrom (men and women)
9. Netball (women)
10. Wrestling (men)
11. Karate (men and women)

Outdoor sports

1. Athletics (men and women)
2. Hockey (men and women)
3. Elle (men and women)
4. Cricket (men)
5. Football (men)
6. Rugger (men)
7. Swimming (men and women)
8. Tennis (men and women)
9. Baseball (men)

Sports events

There are annual sports events such as Inter-Faculty and Inter-University tournaments. In addition, Sri Lanka University Games (SLUG) is held at a selected University once in three years. Students are also have opportunities to participate in the World University Games and Asian University Championships, which are held once in two years.