Question : How do I apply for Hostel Facilities?

The University calls applications for hostel facilities at the time of the registration. The eligible undergraduates are selected and notified before the date of entrance.

Question: How are grades determined in the faculty?

Answer: Grades are typically determined by Continuous Assessments and Semester End Examination marks

Question: Is there any internship programme available in the MLS degree programme?

Answer: Students will have to attend the works placement which will provide hands on experience.

Question: Is there any orientation programme for the newcomers?

Answer: The new students have to participate for an orientation programme before starting the academic programme.

Question: When will hostels be available?

Answer: From the day before academic work starts, hostels will be available.

Question: What are the subjects in the 1st year for MLS degree programme?

Answer: MLS- Basic Sciences, Human Biology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry, Medical Laboratory Practice, Basic Sciences- Physics and Chemistry.

Question: Are library facilities available? What are the open hours?
Answer: Yes, 7.30 am-6.00 pm

Question: Do we have free WI-FI and IT facilities?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Are there any sports facilities available?
Answer: Yes. There is a sports instructor in the faculty to guide you.

Question: Where are the departments situated?
Answer: Pharmacy and MLS departments are situated at Uluvitike. Nursing department is situated at Mahamodara.

Question: Are there any industrial visits during the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree programme?

Answer: Yes. There are industrial visits to several pharma manufacturing companies.

Question: How long will it take to complete the degree?

Answer:  It will take minimum four academic years.

Question: Is there any stream in the Pharmacy degree programme?

Answer:  Yes. There are two streams (Hospital, Clinical and Community pharmacy stream and Industrial Pharmacy stream) in the final year.

Question: Is there a cafeteria available at the faculty premises at Uluvitike? How can the students obtain foods?
Answer: No, students have to supply their own food.

Question: How about our future career pathway after graduating as a nurse?Answer:  In here, we offer a Bachelor in science honors degree with 120 credits. With this honors degree you will be able to practice as a nurse in both government and private sector. And also you can continue your career pathway as an academic in nursing.