Grievance / Compliant Reporting System - Instructions

Students experience different kinds of complaints/grievances during the University life such as financial difficulties, degree programme/teaching learning related issues, ragging, sexual harassment, bullying, sexual or gender based violence, threats and intimidation. These incidents have often turned the university career into a frightening and distressing experience and students encounter various difficulties to complete their higher education during the stipulated time period.
Grievance Committee of FAHS introduced an online complaint/ grievance reporting system to lodge a complaint regarding above matters. All complaints that are lodged will reach the Grievance Committee of FAHS and will be forwarded to the relevant supportive personnel such as Dean, Deputy Proctor, Deputy Senior Student Counselor or Student Counselors where necessary depending on the nature of the complaint/grievance and it will be carefully investigated.
Protection and support will also be provided by the Faculty to the student who has made the complaint/grievance to ensure that he/she is not further victimized as a result of the complaint/grievance. The person who makes the complaint/grievance will start receiving support from the moment the complaint is lodged. Further, victims of such incidents will be offered support and compensation. Support may take the form of counseling, ensuring safety and protection, or any other way to support continuation of education.

  • During this process, your confidentiality will be strictly maintained.
  • All complaints / grievances once lodged will be investigated and cannot be withdrawn.
  • If a complaint / grievance is found to be false or malicious, those who made such complaints will be subjected to disciplinary procedures.
  • If you decide to lodge a complaint / grievance, leave it on or before 10th of any particular month.