Department of Medical Laboratory Science

Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) is a demanding field of science which combines the use of newer technologies with the application of theory knowledge to perform complex procedures on tissu

Department of Nursing

Aim of this programme is to prepare a competent, caring, compassionate and reflective nursing graduate skilled in the delivery of nursing care in collaboration with other healthcare profess

Department of Pharmacy

Pharmacists are key members in the health care team, because of their specialized knowledge in the use and application of medications and also in their communications with patients. In general,



Commencement of Duties for Year 2022

The Faculty of Allied Health Sciences ceremonially commenced their duties of the new year on 1st of January 2021, with a special function attended by  all staff members of the faculty at the administ

A Fire Safety Training Session Conducted at FAHS

A Fire Drill session was successfully conducted by FAHS on 24 th November, 2021. This training sessi

The Pirith Chanting And Dana Event Organized By The FAHS

The Pirith Chanting And Dana Event Organized By The FAHS A pirith Chanting Ceremony and a Dana pi

The cabinet approval for the FAHS new building construction

The cabinet approval was granted for the Phase 1 of the Construction of the Faculty of Allied Health


Academic Sessions is an annual forum organized by University of Ruhuna to share research findings of