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Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) is a demanding field of science which combines the use of newer technologies with the application of theory knowledge to perform complex procedures on tissu

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Aim of this programme is to prepare a competent, caring, compassionate and reflective nursing graduate skilled in the delivery of nursing care in collaboration with other healthcare profess

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Pharmacists are key members in the health care team, because of their specialized knowledge in the use and application of medications and also in their communications with patients. In general,

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A European initiative for capacity building to promote academic and professional excellence in health care to meet the challenges of aging in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka (SL) faces the unique chall

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All staff members of the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences ceremoniously commenced their duties on t

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The new year festival of the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences; “AHS Wasantha Udanaya 2023” was held

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The 4th workshop of the nEUROcare project was successfully held in in Grand Kandyan Hotel, Kandy, Sr

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  • I am Chandima Kumara, a lecturer attached to the Department of Nursing & Midwifery, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University Sri-Lanka. The time that I have spent as an undergraduate in the BSc. Nursing Degree Programme, University of Ruhuna is one of the crucial pillars of the successful journey I have made so far. I will always be grateful to the lecturers of the University of Ruhuna who have enlightened me to make my university life a fruitful one. This degree programme has always blessed me with a wealth of knowledge, experience in a vast clinical setting to become a good lecturer and a researcher. Above everything else, the inspiration I have gained through this programme made me an ethical professional serving my motherland.

    W.G. Chandima Kumara Lecturer, Department of Nursing & Midwifery Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University
  • After turning a new chapter in my life, I have experienced a remarkable era under the blessings of well qualified professionals of the field while grabbing the opportunity to learn under the experts in the profession in a very resourceful environment while following an internationally recognized curriculum and gaining a lot of opportunities in the field with bunch of valuable friends who has whole lots of dreams. So, I am blessed to step into a very demanding profession like nursing, equipped with up-to-date knowledge and skills as a highly qualified BSc. Nursing graduate from Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, University of Ruhuna.

    Ms. Buddini Abeysekara 8th Batch
  • I strongly bound to the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, by well qualified lecturing staff, well planned curriculum, understanding and motivating peers which tend us to be the outstanding career in the health sector in near future.

    Ms. Chinthani Abeysekara 10th Batch
  • I am Gayani Gamage, currently serving as a lecturer attached to the Department of Nursing & Midwifery, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University Sri-Lanka. I obtained my Bachelor of Science (honors) in Nursing degree from University of Ruhuna in 2013 with a second-class division. I must be really grateful for my university for the inspiration I received as an undergraduate and I acknowledge the experience I received at the university which helped me a lot to shape my qualities to work as an academic today.

    Ms. Gayani Gamage lecturer, Department of Nursing & Midwifery, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University Sri-Lanka
  • Being a professional nursing graduate from mother of Ruhuna University was one of blessing which I had in my life as I was able to take good knowledge, skills and good attitudes with the proper guidance and support of great teachers and unity of peers of batch. Also, the valuable clinical exposure in Teaching Hospital Karapitiya and Teaching hospital Mahamodara was created us skillful graduate nurses.

    Ms. Harshani Dias 3rd batch
  • I am Hasini Subodha, a final-year student. I enrolled at the University of Ruhuna in 2017. I am very pleased to be joined with the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, University of Ruhuna. Our Faculty consists of an updated syllabus with a good scope in connection with the Ruhuna Medical Faculty. From the first year, we received clinical training covering all disciplines such as medical, surgical, pediatric, psychiatric etc. Our faculty has given us the great opportunity to receive clinical training in Japan for a period of 3 months. The support from the lecturers is immense to get all these tasks done in a very accurate manner. The most valuable part of our degree is the research. It is not a trivial task. The support of the supervisors of the faculty is immense, to do it scientifically. It is commendable that the academic staff of the faculty working hard for our success.

    Ms. Hasini Subodha 9th Batch
  • There is something, always delegate about powerful commencement for an awake that I never believe in my life. Chasing dreams with erudite staff and extraordinary education make a greater inspiration for every step other than to a formal degree.

    Ms. Kaushini Peiris 10th Batch
  • Our faculty, along with its loving, friendly, Supportive & erudite academic staff members; has prepared me to be confident in any challenging situation by guiding me to use my attitudes, Knowledge, skills & evidence-based practice in clinical setup as well as in the real life

    Ms. Sriwanthi Yatawara 10th Batch
  • Getting to learn under the best professionals, work in leading hospitals of the country while enjoying the beauty of Southern Lanka with a whole new set of friends was a valuable and a remarkable life experience.

    Ms. Tharushi Dhanushika 10th Batch
  • I would really commend its excellent teaching as well as its environment. Theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge taught by experienced lecturers allowed me to enhance further my potential in my passion and goals.

    Ms. AADS Amarasingha Lecturer
  • My experience at the Department of Medical Laboratory Science, UOR was fascinating. The existing academic curriculum provides in depth theoretical knowledge, improve practical competencies and logical reasoning skills essential for future Medical Laboratory scientists. Also it is a well-structured foundation for young scientists to begin their careers in research field. This degree is an excellent opportunity for dynamic youngsters who wish to make it a perfect challenge.

    Ms. AGRG Jinadasa Research Assistant
  • I am grateful to be a B.Sc. in Medical laboratory science graduate from the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, University of Ruhuna. Initially, I selected this program with the aim of securing a health services in my motherland , but later in the program, I became aware of the endless opportunities offered by the degree program. Throughout the four years of my study, I have gained extensive knowledge in clinical science as well as experience in scientific research. I was selected for the current position based only with the qualification of MLS degree program which I completed in Sri Lanka. In addition, our degree program is internationally well recognized to become a professional in the field of medical laboratory science.

    Ms. Sepali Karunarathna Laboratory Technician
  • I started a new chapter in my life by enrolling with the Department of MLS, University of Ruhuna. It provided all theoretical and practical aspects of Medical Laboratory Science. I have been there for seven years at the department as a student and a temporary demonstrator. I would be thankful for the encouragement, support, motivation, kindness, advice, and guidance given to color my future endeavors.

    Amandi Thilakarathna MLS- 7th Batch
  • Our faculty consists of well qualified, friendly and helpful academic staff, resourceful environment and well-designed curriculum. The faculty has given me immense opportunities to grow personally and professionally. The knowledge and skills I obtained from the university helped me a lot to uplift my professional career in the health field.

    Hasara Nethmini De Zoysa Medical Laboratory Scientist
  • Faculty of Allied Heath laid the foundation for me to build and succeed in my career. The programme was well developed and emphasis on practical aspects in the form of work placement training. As a vital part of our training, it was allowed us the opportunity to apply the theoretical and practical knowledge in the real-world setting. In addition, my time at the faculty allowed me to network with not only my colleagues but with the experts of my field and that has been an invaluable opportunity for my personal and professional development.

    Mr. Eranda Prathiba MLS- 6th Batch
  • The Best thing ever happened in my life was getting selected to the University of Ruhuna. I was privileged to meet and to be taught by the most knowledgeable internal lecturers and visiting lecturers who are leading experts in the field of Pharmacy during my undergraduate period. The staff were always ready to provide their guidance to the undergraduates and always approachable. The course content of the degree program definitely shapes one’s skills in research, laboratory, clinical practice and theoretical knowledge which are essential for the career development of a Pharmacy graduate. Course curriculum was finely designed in order to produce the expert scientists in the field of Pharmacy. The time period as a pharmacy undergraduate was a life changing experience for me and it paved the path for my higher studies to pursue my Doctoral degree in Chemical Biology. The knowledge and experience that I gained throughout my undergraduate period helped me to successfully complete my Doctoral degree. Currently I am working as a lecturer in the same department from where I obtained my B.Pharm degree and I’m always proud to be a graduate of mother Ruhuna.

    Dr. N.D.D. Silva Lecturer
  • My experience as a student at the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, University of Ruhuna was great and memorable. I was able to follow my Bachelor of Pharmacy degree with friendly staff members. Exposure to industry and clinical experience during the undergraduate period were highly helpful for my career as a graduate

    Ms. L.L. Sandamali Lecturer
  • It gives me a great pleasure and excitement to say that I am a graduate of the University of Ruhuna. I am extremely fortunate to be able to receive education from a knowledgeable internal and visiting lecturers in the Department of Pharmacy, who have modern scientific knowledge as well as practical outside knowledge. The subject knowledge and practical knowledge imparted in the syllabus were arranged systematically and scientifically. Moreover, the fundamental knowledge provided in the curriculum was very helpful for eventual career advancement. Currently, I am working as an Assistant Production Manager in a reputed Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company and I am always proud to be a graduate of mother Ruhuna.

    Mr. Chathura Malith Assistant Production Manager
  • ''I am Pavithra Madushani a lecturer in Pharmaceutical Sciences attached to the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, CINEC Campus. I am proud to say I was an undergraduate student in the Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, University of Ruhuna. At that time, I gained the theory and practical based knowledge from well qualified lecturers. In order to widen our knowledge, they gave their best out of the best. So, with their dedication and my effort , I graduated with a first class honors in Bachelor of Pharmacy and won the Indian High Commissioner’s Gold Medal for the best academic performance in the relevant academic year at the 28th General Convocation of the University of Ruhuna. I am proud to say that I am teaching today what I learnt from my dear lecturers. I am forever thankful to them for the knowledge they have imparted to us and that's why I am here today

    Ms. P.M.Kumarapperuma Lecturer
  • Being an Alumni of the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences in the University of Ruhuna is one honor that cannot be described in words alone. During my undergraduate life, I was blessed to be taught by the best lecturers in the field of Health and Science who were very supportive and always trying to improve and motivate students to succeed in each and every aspect. The Pharmacy degree programme itself is also really well-structured and well-designed and the theoretical knowledge, clinical exposure, hands on experience on laboratory works and excellent research skills and soft skills gained while completing this degree, were so helpful to cope with the challenges in this fast- changing innovative pharmacy field. Being a B.Pharm undergraduate of the University of Ruhuna was a great achievement in my life not only because it provided me with quality education but also has helped me to groom my overall personality. There is no doubt that my education at the University of Ruhuna is an anchor in the success I’ve experienced in my career. I’m truly proud to be a graduate of mother Ruhuna and I’m forever grateful for all the amazing experiences attained at UOR.

    Ms. L.T.I Srilal Regulatory Pharmacist