Student Downloads

    1. Academic Transcript Or Temporary Result Sheet Application Download

    2. Annual Registration Form Download
    3. Dean’s Award and Dean’s List Application – 2018/2019 Download

    4. Elective Students Application Form Download

    5. ERC – Guidelines to prepare the research proposal Download
    6. Ethics Review Committee – Application Form Download
    7. Examination entry form Download

    8. Examination Rules, Offences and Punishments Download
    9. Examination Grades Verification Application Download

    10. Guidelines for Research Proposal Writing Download

    11. Hostel Application English Download

    12. Hostel Application Sinhala Download

    13. Studentship Confirmation Application Download

    14. Student Feedback on a Lecture Download

    15. Studentship Confirmation Application Download

    16. Vice Chancellor Award Application Download

    17. Vice Chancellor Award Criteria Download

    18. Terms of Reference For mentoring Download