Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is the committee designed to ensure the total educational experience it offers is of highest quality at the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences (FAHS), University of Ruhuna.
The term ‘quality’ implies the highest standards and relevance of academic programmes, research and services of the Faculty. This Terms of Reference (TOR) enables the FAHS to setup an internal quality assurance mechanism that ensures continuous improvement of quality of all degree programmes, research activities conducted at the Faculty and services offered by the Faculty.

Vision of the IQAC – FAHS
Ensure high quality education and training in the fields of health care that is complemented to the international standards for the undergraduates of FAHS.

Mission of the IQAC – FAHS
Continuous quality improvements in the fields of allied health sciences degree programmes and achieves standards of academic excellence through quality assurance mechanisms in terms of education, research and services

Responsibilities of IQAC-FAHS
1. The IQACs of the FAHS shall commit to establish and improve following 10 Criteria.

a. Governance and Management
b. Curriculum Design and Development
c. Teaching and Learning
d. Learning Resources, Student Support and Progression
e. Student Assessment and Awards
f. Strength and Quality of the Staff
g. Postgraduate Studies, Research, Innovation and Commercialization
h. Community Engagement, Consultancy and Outreach Activities
i. Distance Education
j. Quality assurance

2. The IQACs shall commit to improve the quality standards of activities they involve with.

3. The IQAC shall be responsible for preparing the Faculty for programme reviews conducted by the Quality Assurance Unit (CQA), coordinating the preparation of action plan in response to the programme review (PR) recommendations and the monitoring of the progress of the implementation of the action plan.

4. The IQAC shall submit recommendations to uplift the status of the Faculty based on stakeholder feedbacks, public surveys statistics and other information.

5. IQACs shall provide information requested by the CQA in order to operate its activities efficiently.

6. IQAC of each Faculty shall cooperate with the CQA in reviewing and monitoring the quality of academic programmes, research and services provided by faculties.

Members of IQAC
The committee comprised of permanent academic staff members, the Dean and the Senior Assistant Registrar/Assistant Registrar of the FAHS. A suitable Chairperson shall be selected from among the IQAC members and be appointed by the Senate on the recommendation of the Faculty Board. Dean shall participate as ex-officio while the SAR/AR shall be the secretary of the IQAC.

1. Prof. Imendra Kotapola, Dean, FAHS – Ex-officio
2. Dr. Nirmala Rathnayake, Senior Lecturer, Department of Nursing – Chairperson
3. Ms. GHC Nadeeshani, Senior Assistant Registrar/Assistant Registrar – Secretary
4. Dr. Kalani Gunawardene, Senior Lecturer, Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences – Immediate Past chairperson
5. Dr. Harshini Peiris, Head, Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences and Deputy Senior Student Counselor
6. Ms. Eranthi Weeratunga, Head, Department of Nursing
7. Ms. Kanchana Wijkesekara, Head, Department of Pharmacy
8. Dr. Thushari Bandara, Senior Lecturer, Department of Medical Laboratory Science
9. Dr. Sewwandi Subasingha, Senior Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy
10. Dr. Aruna Dissanayake, Senior Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy
11. Dr. Sujeewa Hettiehwa, Senior Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy
12. Ms. Madushika Gamage, Senior Lecturer, Department of Nursing
13. Ms. Vindya Pathiraja, Senior Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy
14. Ms. Nirosha Sandamali, Senior Lecturer, Department of Medical Laboratory Science
15. Mr. Nishantha Gamage, Senior Assistant Librarian of FAHS
16. Mr. Harshana Prasad Kumara, Assistant Network Manager of FAHS